In theory, politicians are selfless people whose only goal is to serve the “public” good. But in practice, they are usually in to serve their own interest (getting more power and infuence, mostly), which is usually detrimental to the general population.

Burglinton, Vermont seems to be heading that way. On Monday, the city announced all its electricity would come from renewable sources, i.e. not based on fossil fuels like hydro, wind, biomass, etc. Their logic: since the energy sources won’t be tied to fossil fuels, it will provide stable prices and even lower prices should environmental standards be tightened.

In a way, it’s partly right. But that’s only because the Canadian province of Quebec, which gets at least 95 percent of its energy from hydro power, is right next door and has immense surpluses. However, during the deep cold temperatures of January and February (below zero/ low teens temperatures), Vermont might be left out since energy consumption in Quebec skyrockets.

And when that happens, Burlingtoners will realize the foolishness of their enterprise, as Spain learned the hard way during the previous decade. Indeed, just to build those “green energy” plants, they will need fossil fuels. And they will inevitably need more fossil fuels when the solar plants don’t produce enough energy when there is at most nine hours of daylight or when there isn’t enough wind to make the turbines turn.

Speaking of turbines, they are the epitome of green hypocrisy. Environmentalists get riled up when oil sand tar pools kill birds but remain silent when wind turbines kill birds (even more than oil sand), especially endangered species. I guess good intentions are good enough…

Finally, with the present state of technology, having public utilities rely solely on “green” energy is economical suicide. Indeed, thanks to the massive expansion of natural gas through fracking, their average price is more than 20 percent lower than conventional coal (and less polluting too!) In comparison, wind is 80 percent more expensive than gas and solar, more than 300 percent.

In short, Burlingtoners are in for some serious impoverishment in the name of a (most probably) illusory boogeyman. Like so many other jurisdictions before them, they will see their energy bills explode or worse, have an unsteady supply of electricity.