Newspeak liberals at Salon tirelessly use their brains (?) in order to suggest new improvements to our lives. Their last one is quite bold: Rewrite the Constitution. While there are some good ideas, most of them would simply do away with the rule of law and bring about the world of Atlas Shrugged.

First, they propose term limits for people in Congress and the Supreme Court and shut the revolving doors during five years. The first idea has some merit; there is a constitutional amendment limit presidential terms to two. It might stop/decrease power-hungry politicians from building their legacy with stolen money… er, taxes. But limiting judges’ term is pretty useless; they are supposed to defend the constitution and the rule of law, i.e. they are supposed to be all the same. The second one is rather futile. What would stop retired politicians from “volunteering” with lobbying firms?

Second, they propose that electoral campaigns be financed exclusively by public funds in order, so they think, to get rid of corruption. They have it backwards, as always: money doesn’t corrupt government, government corrupts money. Even if private contributions were to be stopped, they would simply be used under the table, as can be seen in Quebec where public funds finance most electoral campaigns. If you want to decrease money influencing politics, shrink the scope of politics. Would farmers lobby so hard without the Farm Bill and tariffs on many food stuff?

And from then on, they shrink is easy socialist demagogy by belitteling the American Dream as one of mere private gain (oh noes!).They bring forward their obsession with inequality by basically nationalizing education. They fail to see that education as such is only a means to an end. Besides, public education (which fails miserably compared to even charter schools) is merely the mass-production of docile citizens; it takes its model on 19th century Prussia. They also fail to see that government grants and loans is the main culprit from the creation of the education bubble.

As part of their socialist scheme, they would also draft people into servicing government for two years. Because everyone knows one cannot build a character without the God State coming into the picture.

And to pay for all of this – suprise!! – they propose increase taxes on those dirty rich people. “Tax those who will never hurt, who will never feel the loss of a few percentage points in their accrued wealth. “, they say. Like always, newspeak liberals forget about incentives. If someone is taxed at 50 percent of his income rather than say, 35 percent, then they will work accordingly, i.e. less (or under the table). Besides, they have their figures wrong: the richest one percent earned 19 percent of all income and paid 35 percent of all income tax.

In short, Salon wants to completely destroy the rule of law and replace it with full-fledge socialism. In that world, people rely on government from craddle to grave. Misery would also be wide-spreaded since the motor of the world will basically be shut. But hey! At least everyone will be equal.