Starting November 30, people from all around the world will be (or at least should be) converging towards Paris for the much-talked Climate Conference. As can be expected from such an event, the climate hysteria will be at the forefront of the talks in hopes to solve the (imaginary) climate problem.

Yes, imaginary. Most of what you hear about climate in the media is either false or hidden from your sight – fueling fear is very profitable for the media. So no, the climate is not getting hotter and hotter contrary to what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claims. The temperatures have been stagnating for nearly 19 years now – hell they have been cooling since the start of the millennium. And recent whistleblowing claims that NASA “research” trying to deny that pause has been rushed.

The poles, supposedly ground zero for the proof that humans influence climate so much, also refuse to cooperate with warmists.

The Arctic ice extent is now the highest it has been in a decade and is therefore unlikely to “disappear” as Al Gore repeatedly said a few years ago. On its side, Antarctica ice always seems to be beating records of extent (although this year’s maximum is closer to average).


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